Amy Schmidt-COTTS

« Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that a simple letter to the Le Febvre family would spark an emotional journey of discovery, joy, and surprise. I am delighted Marie was able to discover her family’s courageous past, ordinary people taking extraordinary steps and the part they played in the struggle for freedom.

This is a touching, thoughtful, and important book for our times. The history of the events that happened in France during World War II and the story of how members of our families met have been thoughtfully laid out for the reader. »

Amy Schmidt
Peachtree City, Georgia »

Amy Schmidt is Russell Cotts’s daughter who was one of the pilots hosted at the LE FEBVRE‘s house in August 1944.
AMY is THE ONE who sent us the letter and made all this story come true…

From the bottom of my heart,
1000 mercis,