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Posted the 13th April 2010 from Peachtree City, Georgia, USA

Dear Mr and Mrs. Le Febvre

I wanted to inform you of our loss. My Dad, Russell Cotts, has passed away. He died in December of last year.

I have been looking through my Dad’s war history, memorabilia and letters when I came upon letters from you. I realized you were the son of Claude Le Febvre and grandson of his mother Christiane Le Febvre.

I want you to know my Dad always remembered and was extremely grateful to your Grandparents and your father, Claude for the sacrifices and danger they put themselves in on his behalf. He never forgot. And he always spoke highly of your family and those of the French resistance. He referred to your family as “ The most courageous people in the world”.

I will always remember as a child how happy and excited he was to receive a letter from your Grandmother and Claude.

I want you to know he loved them very, very much.

Amy Cotts Schmidt