Stuart COTTS Testimonial

Message from STUART COTTS via FaceBook 25th January 2016,


Sometimes we find gems in life, this is one of them. In short, my uncle Russ Cotts was a pilot in WWII, he was shot down over in Aug of 1944 France and was helped out by the French resistance. I didn’t know much about this as a child or adult, a few years ago my mom said that Russ did not talk much about it. Fast forward to current time and my cousin Amy Schmidt contacted the family when my uncle passed which caused Marie Le Febvre to do some digging into her family who helped Russ and others. Thank-you Marie for writing this book, it is a tremendous read and wonderful to learn more about my uncle. In the book Marie mentions my dad visiting the family, he was in Paris on a conference in 1964. I dug through my dads photos and found these. Thank-you Marie!